Robbie DubBryan is a independent illustrator living in the southern central state of Pennsylvania. Originally born and raised in the Caribbean this artist uses his unique creativeness in many talented fashions. 

The artist sells his products at comic con events, craft show events, private transactions and through online. He features a variety of things from digital prints, original artwork in pencil/marker/paint, he hand etches on glassware, sometimes paints on glassware, hand crafts greeting cards, handmakes sea-themed and other type of jewelry he also creates special one of a kind terrariums/projects with recycled glassware or trash-treasures. 

He is always has a friendly demer to any and all around him. The artist will sometimes participate in panels or has attempted to launch a interactive chat on instagram to reach out to anyone and share knowledge. 

Designing on a Tablet


Digital Art

The artist has had many encounters with celebrities at comic con events. 

He is both humbled and thrilled that each meeting has been a memorable experience.

Getting to meet anyone who enjoys his art is equally as exciting, So please if you get to see him, stop take a selfie and share it!