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Neighborhood Artist

To be able to create worlds and characters from my own inspiration and have opportunities to showcase my own design; is extraordinary!


                                                    -Robbie DubBryan


Not JUST drawn art...

Black Diamond


Handcrafted cellophane wings. They require NO special harness gear, NO special shirt. It can be worn with t-shirt, tank tops, no sleeve shirt and tube tops.


They are insanely lightweight and creatively articulative to fit numerous poses you'd enjoy. some customization aviable or buy as is keep an eye open for when they fly in!

Black Diamond


What is there for sale beyond digital prints? 

  • Handmade Greeting Cards 

  • Stickers

  • Enamel Pins

  • Etched Glassware

  • Sketch Covers

  • Original Art (Various sizes)

  • Metal Prints

  • One of a kind Dioramas.....and more

Black Diamond


I'm from the Caribbean, i love to share a bit of mer-lore and hope you love these treasures from the water world.

There is a option to have a custom colored cord added at purchase. (Your desired link , clasp and cord color choice.)

Each piece is carefully strived to be as individual as possible. 





Star Trek is an American science fiction media franchise originating from the 1960s television series Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry. Star Trek has been a cult phenomenon for decades. Fans of the franchise are called "Trekkies" or "Trekkers".


The franchise spans a wide range of spin-offs including games, figurines,  novels, toys, and comics. Star Trek is one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time its also progressive for its cultural influence beyond works of science fiction. The franchise is also noted for its progressive civil rights stances. 

With that, my passion for the ships grew beyond models and toys. I wanted to capture the ships in artwork that stood out and touched others the same way it effected me. The collection has already started to grow and I plan to have some extra add-ons for larger purchases or if you wish to start a subscription. 

To start your collection check out my online store. 

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